Feb 21

St. Thomas, USVI

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The United States Virgin Islands is the premiere destination for travelers from around the globe. Surrounded by some of the finest cruising waters, it’s no wonder that the Virgin Islands is recognized as the Yacht Charter Capital of the world. The dozens of islands and cays that make up the territory have an unspoiled beauty and  accessibility unmatched anywhere else.

Note the helicopter on the back deck

Since Christopher Columbus first arrived on St. Croix more than 500 years ago, the islands have been a haven for free-spirited seafarers. That spirit lives on today. It can easily be found by cruising these waters, anchoring in the isolated harbours and bays, fishing, or relaxing on the beaches that hug the shoreline.

St. Thomas Harbour

Named after a Danish Queen, Charlotte Amalie is the capital city of the U.S. Virgin Islands and a major port for cruise ships. Used extensively over the centuries as a haunt  for pirates and privateers, St. Thomas was declared a free port, thus enabling the sale of goods  acquired in honest trade or under the flag of piracy.

We are anchored on the west side of Water Island, close to the beach, where we have view of the activity, the sunsets, and the cruise ships that come and go, on a daily basis.

Mistress is just off the port side of the cruise ship, behind the yellow party boat.