Nov 30

Leaving Luperon

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Leaving Luperon We are getting ready to leave Luperon, but I will leave with mixed emotions. I know, It’s time to go but, I will miss so many people. From our friend Claude who has been our Ami, from Georgetown, Bahamas and who has decided to make this his home for a year, our little runners from baseball, and our opposing team members, that have had mercy on us once and awhile and let us win. Wendy, who owns Wendy’s Bar, and all her family. Gil from, JR,s Bistro Tropical, where we enjoyed many night-out dinners, and Wednesday night trivia. Papo, the harbourmaster and his right-hand man/ brother-in-law, Pedro, who have made our stay here very comfortable. The cruisers who have settled here, and who have helped us in so many ways. One of them is Fran and her two daughters, Ceail and Skye, who suffered a horrible loss this year with the passing of her husband. They have been sailing for more than 20 years aboard their boat Rebel Razor, the girls only home. I will think of them often. I will always miss the shop owners who are always ready with a big smile or this little town, where everyone greets each other in the streets with “Hola” or “Buenos Dias”, the dogs that come and join you for your afternoon beer, the goats and cows that stroll by the bar and, where everyone moves out of the way for them. I will miss them all. This has been a great place to sit out hurricane season. I know some day we will return.

Adios amigos Muriel and Tutty

Nov 25

Waiting for Weather Window

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We are ready, all systems have been checked so all we need now is a favourable weather window. For the last week it looked like it was going to be this Wednesday.  That was til last night when we had atomic bomb thunder and lightning.  Now, as it looks we have a window on Friday.

Because we are on the north shore of Hispanola, any weather coming from the north hits the land then rebounds back out, to confuse the seas. For this reason we are looking for the most comfortable ride possible.