Panama City, Old Section and Isla Taboga

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The old city, Casco Viejo is where the City of Panama was founded , after the original settlement was invaded, looted, and destroyed almost to it’s totality by an attack lead by the pirate, Henry Morgan, in 1671.

Two years later, in 1673, the new Panama was founded again, but this time strong walls were built around the city in order to avoid further attacks. In 2003 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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This Barber, even has a line up waiting,….. just provide a bucket to sit on, an old banner, and a pair of clippers.

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Been described as Little Dubai…..Panama City

Off the coast lay, 39 islands , known as the Las Perlas, a real tropical paradise: The Pearl Islands. it’s name derives from the abundance of pearls that were extracted during the time of the .Spanish colony. It was here where during the 16th century, the famous “La Peregrina Pearl” was discovered, a gem of unusual form and size which history is really fascinating. Since it’s discovery, it has belonged to countless famous people around the world. In modern times, it was owned by Elizabeth Taylor, after her husband Richard Burton gave it to her as a gift. In December 2011, the legendary pearl was auctioned for 9 million Euros.


Taboga Island, also known as the, “Island of flowers”, is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama, it is a tourist destination only 7 nautical miles from Panama City. The name derives from an Indian word “aboga”, meaning many fish. Isla Taboga has been the home of Conquistadors, Pirates,Gold Rush prospectors, Artists, Soldiers, and rests in the glory of being the birthplace of a Saint. In the era of the French Canal construction, a hospital and sanatorium for workers with yellow fever and malaria was established.Among those who recovered and survived  was Paul Gauguin, the famous French impressionist.  Through it all, the island has remained it’s tranquil self.

San Pedro was founded in 1524,. The small town is pleasant and clean, with tiendas and nice restaurants, there is also a bakery and several hotels. The church of the same name is clamed to be the second-oldest church in the hemisphere.

Tourism is the major economic activity on the island, on weekends boatloads of people come from the mainland to enjoy the beaches and restaurants.

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Hotel…..overlooking the beach

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With as much as 20 foot tides, we actually motored the dinghy right up to the beach. When it came time to leave we found it high and dry. Back to the patio for a couple more beers while we wait………


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  1. Beautiful pictures Mistress.
    Wondered two things about the tide. How many beers are there between high and low and do any boats anchor too close and wind up on the hard?

    • I can only say that I gave it a good shot,to consume as many beers between tides.We had an incident when fellow cruisers came over for sundowners. When they left they ran into a reef with their dinghy. Earlier we had went over the same spot with the big boat. Locals have no problems, cruisers….they get laughed at a lot, especially when alcohol is involved.

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