Armenia, Colombia

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Getting off the bus in Armenia, and walking through the station looking for a small restaurant to get something to eat we came upon a side of Colombia we never knew existed. Sitting in a restaurant which serves local food at low prices, on the board were posters of people who are missing from around the area. We could have caught the next bus out of town, but chose to stick around and see more of this coffee region.

Like Manizales, this department head offers few sights, most of it’s early architecture have been wiped out by earthquakes. Our lodging were on a  farm, just outside town at Finca Diamante . After trying to arrange a tour of the Coffee Park and Farm, which turned out to be closed on the days we were visiting, we decided to just relax and enjoy the country life.


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Finca Diamante is a working horse farm, with a small coffee field, along with many different fruits and vegetables. They also give riding instructions to all ages of students.

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When we walked in to town we were surprised to see so many Jeeps, Land Rovers, and Willy’s the only vehicle that can stand up to the terrain around here, and serve as public transport.

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